Grants and Loans


Grants, unlike loans, are financial aid that do not have to be repaid. You must submit a FAFSA to apply.

Available Grants


Loans are student aid funds that you must repay with interest.

Available Loans

Working through College

Work-study is a part-time work program to earn money while you are in school.

Work-Study Options


Checklist Quick Look 

  Complete your federal taxes

  Sign up for an FSA ID

  Complete the FAFSA

  Search and apply for scholarships

  If requested, complete the verification process

  Check your Financial Aid Status in CIS

  Accept your financial aid online in CIS

  If accepting loans, complete the Loan Counseling

  Complete Master Promissory Notes (MPN), if necessary


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Start the application process

Step 1

Get Started

Find out if you are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Step 2


Learn the steps to get your Award Letter.

Step 3

Follow Up

After you apply, you're not quite finished. Learn about what needs to happen after you apply.

Last Updated: 7/13/18